company info
company info

Main Office


6th Mohamed Ahmed Al Adham Street Saintstefano Alexandria, Egypt
T +2 03 582 6117
F +2 03 582 7647

Who We Are

ATEB is a Trading and Engineering Company providing technical equipment and consulting in various sectors such as Water, Waste water, Industrial and Oil & Gas fields in cooperation with a group of Suppliers who we represent in Egypt through sole agency and official distribution agreements.

“ATEB delivers quality products combined with outstanding service. We are committed to revitalizing our domestic and international partnerships—with a passion for quality and restoring customer dedication.”

Our Mission
our mission

“To empower the Arab Industrial community and to enhance our beloved Arab world infrastructure projects.”

Our Promise

our promise

Because at ATEB we believe that “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort”, we go all in where no one else goes to get you all that you need from our partners all over the globe and we make sure that you are getting:

  • The most suitable product for your specific need.
  • The best price you can get in the Middle East.
  • The right support and guidance throughout your whole project life cycle.